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Web site created by Future Web Creations

This is the updated version of my online person family photo album.

This is my other business site for the Future in Video Creations.

I created this site for myself to create crazy videos.  This is the updated version.

I created this for the park that I used to live in, in Tucson AZ

This is the best BBQ in Maine. Better than anything I have had anywhere.

Bogart The Monster is a Chico based psychedelic spaghetti western surf rock band with a hint of blues. I created this for a band out of Cali

Created this for my local watering hole out in Tucson. Great guy and great place to hang out.

This is the updated version of another one of my personal sites.

Old web sites created by Future Web Creations
A Baby Cakes

This was for some lady in Maine that put together baby baskets in the style of cakes.

Almost Perfect Cleaning

This was the second version of a cleaning site that I created for an old high school friend. She started up her own maid service business.

Almost Perfect Cleaning

This was the first version of this site, which was in html and then I converted it to php and created the new one.

Anytime Towing

I bought my conversion van from this place in Auburn Maine and created him a site for money off payments on the van.

Art Zoot Long

Created this for my Dad who plays the Sax in Panama City Florida.

Automatic Online

This is the band that my Dad used to play sax with in Panama City Florida.

Britney vs Christina

I created this back when Britney and Christina were battling for pop queen. Thought it would be a huge money making site. It was real popular but no one bought any products. LOL

Boston Tea Baggaz

I created this site for my gaming clan for the best game in the world. Battlefield.

My Personal Site

This is second version of my personal homepage family album site.

Chat Helper

I created this to help people with chat rooms back in the days when I was addicted to chat. LOL

Cliffs Auto Sales

I created this a guy in Auburn Me. But he never paid me for it so I never published it. But I still have the screen shot to show my work.


I created this site for myself to create crazy videos.  This is the second version.


I created this site for myself to create crazy videos.  This is the first version.

Dotcom Billing

I created this site called Dot Com Billing so that I could bill people for my internet transaction. But I didn't really need it so it's another lost site.

EMA Speakers

I created this for a friend that sold stereo systems that he would install himself.

Foxy Hosting 

I was offering hosting at one point in time. I loved this site, the header was in flash and it looked great. But I am not selling hosting anymore. I am just offering it to my clients.

Harry Potter Top sites

I made the Harry Potter Topsites when Harry Potter first became popular and the site was getting millions of hits a month and then I lost this domain in one of my penny pinching moves. Oh well.

Interior Graphics

I created this for a nice lady who had a business of decorating your house with these fancy stickers.

Low Carb Rules

Low Carb Rules. It's a play on words, as in the Low Carb diet rules and rules for the low carb diet. I was real big on it when it first came out and still recommend it to people. But I let the dotcom go when the diet got a bad name.

Military Elite

I created this one for a friend who had a Half Life clan online. Military Elite was a really cool gaming site.

Nick n Jessica

My wifey and I were watching the Newlyweds show on MTV about Nick Lache and Jessica Simpson and figured this site would make me some money. And even though I got a lot of hits every month no one bought any products. So when Nick and Jessica broke up the site was useless. LOL

Nikkys Dolls

I created this for my daughter Nicky because she like to create these little doll images. But she grew out of it so there was not need to pay for the domain any longer.

Online District

I create this site called Online District to sell hosting and introduce people to web sites that would help to create and online community. Ahead of my time and just not as good as myspace and facebook. But oh well. LOL

Osbornes Oasis

This was a pool business in Auburn ME. It has since gone out of business. But this was one of my favorite sites. I worked hours on it and there were several pages with spectacular effects to them.


Osbornes Oasis

Old version of Osbornes Oasis


Roms Fusion

Created this for my sister who was really into these roms that you can download on the net and play old school games on your pc. I have no clue what ever happened to the fate of this site. But it was a cool site.

The Kid Creation

This is the first version of another one of my sites for myself. I was offering people advice and help with every thing on the internet.

Theme Chooser

This was a site that I created for people to be able to download 100s of themes for their own websites. Lost this one on a move too.

Top Money Making Sites

Top Money Making sites. I created this to help other web master sign up to affiliate sites so that they can make money on the net too. I wish I still had this site but I lost this one too.

Web Design 4 Newbie's

Web Design for Newbie's. I created this to teach people the basic of designing web sites. But then realized if I taught everyone how easy it was to create a site then I would be out of biz. I am so kidding LOL No one really visited it.

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