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Simple Search & Replace
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Category Web Master Tools
Submitted by Owner
Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:14 am

The most effective tool for finding text withing your html php and other files. You can use this to just find certain text or actually find and replace the text.

Simple Search/Replace is like a replacement for the Windows "containing text" option found in their search window. It is extremely fast and allows for the option of replacing that text with different text. There are many features of this free software such as backup support, command line support, case sensitivity, multiple file types, subdirectory support, result printing and saving and more. After searching or replacing the results tab will allow you to open the matched file(s) and view the contents as well as edit them.

After searching you will get a list of results. You have the option to save the results to a file, print them, delete all of the results, delete one result or just copy the location of the selected result to the clipboard.

Simple Search/Replace was designed for searching plain-ASCII text files, such as source code, TXT, HTML, batch files or any other text file you might have. Simple Search/Replace is a FREE software program. If you need to find and replace text, or just find text, this utility is a must have. It is significantly faster and easier to use than any other search and replace utility out there. Click here to download Simple Search-Replace v1.08 .

Command line options for Simple Search-Replace:

There is basic command line support to automate searching for text within files.

-p "[path]"
-t "[file types]"
-f "[find what]"
-r "[replace with what]"
-i include subdirs
-c case sensitive

search.exe -p "c:\windows" -t "*.htm" -f "Microsoft" -r "Micro$oft" -c -i

The quotes are ALWAYS required. All options must have spaces after them.
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